Need to restore your worn out rug? Has your dog chewed on your rug?
Does your rug need re- fringing? Does your rug need to be cleaned in a traditional way by hand so it won't get torn and the colors won't run?
There are so many variations in rug styles in terms of the way they have been woven.
However complicated weaving pattern they may have, I have the expertise to take care of them in the best way you can imagine.

Repair, Cleaning and Restoration of Oriental Rugs and kilims

I offer top quality cleaning, repair, restoration services for oriental rugs and kilims

  • Repairing, restoring your damaged rug from losing back to original
  • Matching color to original
  • Removing spots and odor caused by pet incidents
  • Reweaving rug corners missing chewed-up by dogs
  • Padding
  • Touch up worn rug
  • Re-fringing
  • Binding sides
  • Double knotting to secure rug from losing ends

I specialized in all areas of Oriental rug repairs from a very simple mending to re-weaving a significantly large worn area of a rug

My mission is to satisfy customers for the best services, quality, integrity and price